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For as long as I can remember, I've loved VW busses. I knew that at some point in my life I would own one, but it was always one of those dreams that I thought would happen "someday." Well, folks, this is a story about how "someday" sometimes comes a lot sooner than you expect.

Earlier this summer, I happened to be perusing the classifieds (as I often do) and found a beautiful 1973 bus for sale about 15 minutes from where I live. Not only was it 'ooochie orange', but it had automatic transmission and was in really great shape for a 40 year old vehicle. Of course, we went to see it the following day, and it was officially ours a week later. It is *so* much fun to cruise around in, and I'm looking forward to making improvements and roadtripping all over the place in this thing. I mean, just look at it and try not to smile!

You're smiling right? I know I am. :) :) :) :) :) :)

Hello my dear readers, and many apologies for my serious blog neglect as of late. Some may already know this, but back at the end of June, I decided to make a change. I left my position at Gazelle to pursue an opportunity at a little startup called Punchbowl. Leaving Gazelle was hard to do - but it was the right time for me and I wish them the absolute best. I was actually a customer of Punchbowl before I became an employee, and that's been a fun perspective and an interesting transition for me. I've really enjoyed getting back into a true startup environment, and my new 20 minute commute (as opposed to an hour!) is doing wonders for my psyche.

With the holiday season upon us, you may be interested to know what Punchbowl does. The site offers a comprehensive party planning tool - from getting your friends to help decide on a date, to sending invites and allowing them to choose items from the potluck list. We also recently released our brand-spankin-new free ecards: Digital Greeting Cards with the look and feel of paper cards. There's even a special section for business christmas cards for all you classy professionals. It's all the rage, kids, so go send some good cheer, plan that holiday gathering, and party on!

Hmm I wrote this article ages ago, but apparently never posted it (insert apologies for neglecting my blog here). Here's another tasty morsel from my Intellectual Property class:

Non-Compete Clauses

Often when you work as a contractor, or even sometimes as a full-time employee, companies include non-compete clauses or agreements in the paperwork you have to sign. A Non-Compete basically says, "if you leave this company you cannot go to work for one of our competitors." But did you know that it's extremely difficult to enforce a Non-Compete? Courts don't like to enforce them because they put people out of work, thus taking away their livelihood. In order to successfully enforce a Non-Compete, Company A must be able to prove that the employee is giving Company B, their competitor, Company A's trade secrets. Just the desire to avoid competition is not enough to put your ex-employees out of work.

P.S. Just like before, please note that this information applies to United States law. Would love to hear how this works in other parts of the world!

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